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You don't need decades of culinary experience to prepare the dishes that you'd enjoy at a five-star restaurant. All you need is some basic cookware and a stable internet connection. A Twitch account may come in handy, too.

Chef Rob Creations is a weekly charity Twitch show designed for anyone who wants to hone their culinary skills. Tune in every week to learn...

How to dice, slice, glaze and tenderize ingredients | What kinds of dishes you can prepare with a skillet and a sauté pan | How you can create flavorful food without going overboard on the seasonings

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Greetings! My name is Rob. I've been cooking for many years in the UK and United States. I prepare food that you yourself can cook for your family. I would like to welcome you to our little corner of Twitch, where we're building a fun and friendly community.

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